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AMA with Adam Nyagte & Jamie Slome

Adam Nyagte & Jamie Slome are the founder and co-founder of the Huntr Bug Bounty platform :fire:

  • What, why and how of @huntrdev? Any interesting plans for 2021?

    • What: we pay hackers to find and fix vulnerabilities in open source code.

    • Why: because currently, it takes over 4.5 years for the average vulnerability to be found and fixed.

    • How: we’ve raised some cash from VC’s and pay this out to the bug bounty hunters.

    • Plans: coming soon…

  • I just wanna ask you I almost hit 11 months in bug bounty hunting field without finding any valid bug, I just wanna ask you how to stick hunting on single program I can’t do it idk why I didn’t find a program I am comfortable with!? Any advices?

    • Surround yourself with previously disclosed and fixed vulnerabilities in a language you are familiar with. Try building a network of security researchers, or developers who have had prior success. Our Discord may be a good place to start - http://huntr.dev/discord.

  • What are the methods you guys perform in bugbounty JS? Any hints for noobs who deal with bugbounty JS file?

    • It can be difficult to get started with bug bounty! If you are familiar with JavaScript, you could always take a look at our JS bounties in open source packages - https://www.huntr.dev/bounties/.